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Sewer System and Turtles


This week started with a trip to the Natural Life Sciences. We had the chance to see some different insects in their habitats and then the activities focused on turtles. We learned about the differences between land tortoises and sea and river turtles. We found out what they eat, where they live and how they lay their eggs. We went looking for some turtle eggs in the beautiful gardens and watched the turtles swimming in the pond. The children also enjoyed playing at the big park in Granollers. What a great day! Back at school we recreated the turtle egg hunting and even dug holes in the garden to bury them like the female turtles do. We even made little turtle snacks in Cooking class.


In Literacy this week, the Reef sharks worked on a reading comprehension about the beach. They learned new words and answered question with full sentences. The Hammerheads also did a reading comprehension called The Big Dinner and they also answered questions using full sentences with negative ideas. Both groups wrote their diaries. In Mathematics this week, we measured the corners of our tables with a special ruler called a protractor. We continued our workbooks and we focused on ‘flip, turn and slide’, lines of symmetry and tessellation. In Science this week we spoke into balloons to feel the vibrations that our voices