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Transport, water cycle and food chain


We have been learning about trains as part of our topic on Transport. We made a ticket machine and roleplayed being the ticket inspector issuing each other tickets. Then we made some binoculars to go on our trainspotting journey. We went to the train station and enjoyed watching the trains pass by. We made chocolate brownies in Cooking class - yum! We enjoyed the park in the sunshine in Thursday and also worked on more movement skills, such as forward rolls and jumping for height.


In Primary this week, Year 3 and 4 have been having a go at the Cambridge Literacy and Numeracy exams. Both classes have done some artwork with their textured washes from previous weeks to make a ship at sea scene. In Literacy both classes have been working independently on handwriting, spelling and punctuation. In Numeracy we have started working on time this week. For Topic we have been looking at the Water Cycle, learning about the journey a water droplet makes and the changes in states of matter. We've had two Matilda rehearsals this week and the primary students are doing really well.



We have continued to look at poetry and understand our own personal responses to authors and their work. In Language we have continued to look at persuasive language d'or advertising.


Group 4 is finishing the chapter about Ratio and Proportion, meanwhile Group 3 is doing Equations and Formulae, Group 2 has started with Statistics (frequency tables and calculating the mean and the Mediane) and Group 1 is doing Divisions.

In Geometry, Group 1 & 2 is finishing to look at Quadrilaterals and Group 3 & 4 is looking for corresponding and vertically opposite angles.


Now they know what types of energy there are, we have been doing ENERGY DIAGRAMS to see how the energy is changing to one another when we turn the radio on, or when we watch TV or when we lift a child.


After Igneous rocks, the sedimentary rocks are being introduced. The properties between them have been compared. On Friday, we did some experimenting with stones: scratching, dropping water on it or looking through a magnifying lens to take the conclusion whether the sample could be coming from a sedimentary rock or a igneous rock.


We have started the chapter about Food Chain and Food Webs, how there are herbivores and carnivores, about consumers and producers, and predators, preys and scavengers. They have exercised building food chains into food webs. Now, let's see what happens when one element is being removed....


Since next week we have the final exam, we corrected the last activities of the unit: Earth coordinates. Then, to refresh our knowledge of countries and capitals, we played a memory game. With cards on the table, each pair of students had to match the countries with their capitals.


This week we learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of Motte and Bailey castles. Half of the class (the Englishmen), had to find the weakness of that sort of castle and make a plan to attack. The other half (the barons) had to find the castle strengths in order to defend themselves from the enemy. We also listened to medieval music. Lastly, on Friday we had the last history exam of the course.

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