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Aeroplanes, molecules and coordinates


This week we have been learning about aeroplanes in Topic Time. We did a roleplay where we sat in rows of chairs, buckled our seatbelts and took a trip to ‘England’. Diego and Vincent did very well flying the aeroplane as the ‘pilots’ and everyone enjoyed the flight. We then made model aeroplanes which we decorated using patterns that we like from our mindfulness colouring activity pages. We have been learning about healthy teeth and the children are now following a routine of brushing their teeth after lunch. We did a sequencing activity of the different steps we need to take when doing this. The children are progressing well in Yoga and we are monitoring their physical movement. We enjoyed cheering on our friends when they were able to balance on one foot and walk in a straight line, among other developmental skills. Welcome to Maria, who is our new student in the class in the mornings.


In Literacy we have been looking at recount writing and learning spelling. Some children have been looking at organising ideas using paragraphs. In Topic we have been continuing with our artwork inspired by Turner, as well as learning about the water cycle, and locating rivers and seas on the map.

In Mathematics we have moved on to initial learning about area and perimeter. In addition we have started to discuss concepts of formulae, particularly for squares and rectangles. Finally we have finished off the week completing revision of our work throughout the term and back further throughout the year.

For Science we have been continuing our on ‘Look! Listen’. With students identifying items of different density that allow the passage of light. We also spoke about the concept of molecules and the periodic table.



In Poetry we have been looking at alliteration and assonance. Some pupils have been looking at modern immigration poetry. In Language we have continued to look at vocabulary of the fashion industry and begun to think about the language of advertising.


Group 1 has finished learning doing Multiplications with the Compact and the Grid Method, At Geometry they have "looked" to more Quadrilaterals, specially Rectangles and Squares.

Group 2 is calculating divisions with two digits and doing problems that are related to them. The Geometry is the same as Group 1.

Group 3 is doing Linear Equations with and without brackets: it is just a matter of keeping balance and doing inverse operations. At Geometry, together with group 4, they have learned about "Angles and Parallel Lines": Corresponding (F-Shape) and Alternate (Z-shape).

Group 4 has finished with Ratios and Proportions and is going to do Direct Proportion Tables.


We have been doing some presentations about how we can get Energy from the different elements of Nature: Wind, Water, Biofuel, Fossil Fuel....and how they are linked to the Sun. On Friday we have learned about several Types of Energy: Kinetic, Potential, Light, Sound, Electric...


On Wednesday we had the "Geology Congress": four Professors with their assistants defended their Earth Model: Flat, Spherical, Hollow & Modern. It is was really some debating!

On Friday we continued talking about Rocks, specially Igneous ones: Basalt, Granite and Grabbo. The size of their cristals depend on how fast the magma was cooling down when it passed the to the Earth Crust.


On Monday we did Exam about Cells, Tissues and Organs. On Friday we continued with the Chapter about Habitat (the place where a plant or an animal lives) and the Adaptations that this organism does to live in this habitat.


We checked over all the materials that students have to study for next exam (May 30th). Afterwards, we learnt how to say where a place is on Earth with coordinates, using lines of latitude and lines of longitude. Lastly, we learnt about the Mercator projection and the Gall-Peters projection of the Earth. Whilst the first shows a distorted view of the size of the countries (giving more magnitude to the countries of the northern hemisphere) the second has the aim to show the real size of the countries.


We reviewed all the topics that we have studied this semester and that will be on next exam (May 24th). We also learnt about Motte and Bailey castles; fortifications built by William and his friends (barons) all over England, to establish his power. We’ve been looking at the main features of this constructions, and discussed what advantages would they have in front of attacks.

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