Sant Jordi, oceans, organ system and yummy salad

EARLY YEARS This week we have started our new Cambridge Learning books for Topic and Maths, as well as Letters and Sounds for Literacy and Phonics. We are working on writing our name, especially for Nursery and Preschool levels. For Reception, we are continuing letter formation, Phase 2 Phonics and also writing short words. We have been learning about Healthy Eating in Personal Education and had fun making and eating a yummy salad in Cooking. We enjoyed Kids Yoga and we are starting our ‘Movement’ skills in PE, such as jumping with height and distance, kicking and throwing a ball, maneuvering around obstacles and running whilst holding an object. PRIMARY This week we started new topics for T

Easter celebration

EARLY YEARS We have had a week of Easter celebration! We have done all sorts of arts and crafts in preparation for the Easter Fair today, which was a huge success! We loved the egg and spoon race - everyone have their best and did very well balancing their eggs on spoons. We were particularly impressed with the parents who participated too! We are really enjoying the yoga that we do as part of a 'Wake and Shake’ after the afternoon 'Quiet Time’ and we have been doing Dance moves relates to Spring and Easter in PE. We hope all enjoy the Easter break! PRIMARY In Literacy this week we have been writing acrostic poems about Spring. In Numeracy we have been looking at nets of 3D shapes, particula

Chicks, Games and Second World War

EARLY YEARS We have had an exciting watching the chicks that hatched from the eggs in our incubator the school. Some of us are taking care of them at home now too. This great event coincides with learning all about Spring and other baby animals that are at this time of year. In Cooking class we made jam sandwiches. We considered at all the necessary ingredients and looked at each step that we must take to achieve the perfect sandwich. We learnt that some people like their sandwiches cut into squares and some into triangles but that they all taste the same! Now we know that all of the Early Years students can make a sandwich successfully by themselves - well done! PRIMARY In Literacy this wee

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