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Easter celebration


We have had a week of Easter celebration! We have done all sorts of arts and crafts in preparation for the Easter Fair today, which was a huge success! We loved the egg and spoon race - everyone have their best and did very well balancing their eggs on spoons. We were particularly impressed with the parents who participated too! We are really enjoying the yoga that we do as part of a 'Wake and Shake’ after the afternoon 'Quiet Time’ and we have been doing Dance moves relates to Spring and Easter in PE. We hope all enjoy the Easter break!


In Literacy this week we have been writing acrostic poems about Spring. In Numeracy we have been looking at nets of 3D shapes, particularly cuboids and square-based pyramids. For Topic we finished preparing our arcade games, which we hope you enjoyed playing at the fair! We have had two Matilda rehearsals this week, and we know we need to have learned our lines for next term!



We have looked at practice exams, ready for our Cambridge exams on the first day back. We have plenty of material to practice with, as Maria has emailed us a PDF with plenty of different text types with questions to help us focus on audience and purpose.


This week there has been the Cambridge Primary and Lower Secondary Checkpoint: two exams of Mathematics, with and without calculator.

In addition we have been closing chapter of the different levels since they will have exam after Easter. Level 3 is doing Chapter 8 about Inequalities and Equation Systems with Elimination Method. Level 2 is closing Chapter 7 about Fractions and Level 1 is finishing the Multiples, LCM and the Factors, HCF of Numbers.

From now on I will be working with four Groups: basically Level 1 is split into two.


There has also been the Cambridge Checkpoint: two exams of each 45 min.

At Chemistry we have closed Chapter 3 and they should be doing the Review 3.11 for Homework at Holiday.

For Physics we have closed Chapter 3.11 about Secondary Data Source, and they have to do little Homework of the Review 3.13 and Review Stage 7. After Easter we will be starting with Chapter 2 about Energy.

For Biology we have had Field Work, that is, last day before holidays we went for a walk in the surroundings of the school. They had to pick a plant with or without flower; a stone (that will be material for Chemistry) and make a picture of animal.


We have been learning about world countries and capitals. To help memorize so many names we did different activities. First, we had to relate twenty capital cities to their countries, and then find their place on a world map. Afterwards, we played Memory game, matching the countries with their capitals. Last, each student prepared questions about famous places (cultural heritage) in the world. In which country can I find… the Great Wall?

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