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Chicks, Games and Second World War


We have had an exciting watching the chicks that hatched from the eggs in our incubator the school. Some of us are taking care of them at home now too. This great event coincides with learning all about Spring and other baby animals that are at this time of year. In Cooking class we made jam sandwiches. We considered at all the necessary ingredients and looked at each step that we must take to achieve the perfect sandwich. We learnt that some people like their sandwiches cut into squares and some into triangles but that they all taste the same! Now we know that all of the Early Years students can make a sandwich successfully by themselves - well done!


In Literacy this week we have focused on our diaries and, with the help of Secondary, we wrote instructions for our games. In Topic we improved our games by trying them out and making suggestions for improvement using a Star and a Wish system. In Numeracy we have been looking at shapes and learning the vocabulary to describe rectangles and triangles, such as edges, angles and corners. Some students have also demonstrated their understanding of the 2,3,4,5,9,10,11 and 12 times tables. In sport, students have continued to improve on their dance as well as participating in some cooperation based games. We have concentrated on the Bruce song for Matilda. We're looking forward to sharing our games with you next week!



This week we have looked at two different types of text in preparation for the Cambridge exams, which for English will be on Tuesday the 23rd of April, first thing in the morning. We have looked at discussion texts and how they examine different points of view on the same issue, and how to signal changes using phrases such as ‘on the other hand’. We have also looked briefly at how to structure instruction texts, using commas after time adverbials. We worked with primary to offer advice and comments on their arcade games.


They have done two simulations of exams: with and without calculator. Then we have corrected the exams and they have got the marks. This week it has been a simulation just to know how it can be. Next week it will be for real!

In addition, Level 1 has learned to find the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) of two numbers, Level 2 has continued with fractions and Level 3 has done combined Inequalities.


Using Secondary Sources, that is, internet, books,... to get data the researcher can not get by experimenting or field work (Primary Data Source). How can we be sure it is reliable?


In the context of acids of alkalis, we have introduced the concept of diluted vs. concentrated solution. They have learned what neutralisation is: when the solution is acidic (alkaline) to add an alkaline (acidic) solution to get a pH equal to 7, that is, neutral. We have seen how the acidity is in our daily life: to get the best soil to plant or to avoid the acid rain.


They have remembered about the specialized cells in our body and the plants. The shape these cells take is to be good at their life process function. They have done an exercise in drawing these cells. Drawing is important in the subject of Biology, so it is better to practise!


This week we learned about the compass points, and practiced orientation using a map. Then, we raised a question: What if we got lost in a remote place and had no compass? First of all, we must find north. But how can we find north without a compass? We learned three possibilities: looking to the stars for Polaris (night time), taking advantage of the shadow’s movement (day time) or looking for moss in the dampest areas (overcast).


This week we learned about an important historical event that the students showed interest to know: The Second World War. We focused on its background to understand the causes and we put important effort on learning what fascism and fascist countries are. In addition, we learned about the Holocaust and discussed how humans could do something so terrible to others. Yet, we realised how important it is to learn about the past for a better future. Like George Santayana said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” To end, we listened to Charles Chaplin wonderful speech on the Great Dictator.

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