Traditional Tales

EARLY YEARS We have started our ‘Traditional Tales’ topic and we have been learning all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children absolutely love this story and have been enjoying enacting it in roleplay. We also made porridge in cooking time today which was fun! We are continuing with Phase 2 Phonics and this week we have been learning about all about the sound, ‘t’. We have been learning about tennis and also tractors. We made playdough tractors and the older children created farm drawings for their tractors after singing, 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm’. PRIMARY In Numeracy this week we have continued focusing on number operations, and we have been paying particular attention to brid

Weather experts

EARLY YEARS We have been continuing with our Phase 2 Phonics and this week we have been learning about all about the letter ‘s’ and the sound it makes. In Handwriting we follow the a-z order and we have been working on the letter formation of ‘e’. In Numeracy we are practising our counting up to 20 and tracing as well as writing numbers up to 15. PE for this term is Dance and we have been learning some great moves! We are focusing on body coordination, moving to rhythm and creative expression. In Topic we have explored the Seasons further and looked at what happens and what we might see. Next week we will be starting our Topic of ‘Traditional Stories’ until the rest of the term and our first

Dot painting

EARLY YEARS For our first week back we have welcomed our new friend, Lluc to the Ants class. We are working on Friendship in our PSED sessions during Circle Time. We were identifying different ways we can behave with friends and hen deciding which behaviour can make us a good friend or not good friend. We are all trying our best to be good friends! In Topic we are exploring the Winter season further and remembering the different winter clothes that we must wear when we go outside in the cold weather. PRIMARY We’ve started the New Year creatively by exploring some aboriginal dot painting. We’ve also started to think about our Summer show, and we’re thinking about the parts we want to audition

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