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We have been continuing with our Phase 2 Phonics and this week we have been learning about all about the letter ‘s’ and the sound it makes. In Handwriting we follow the a-z order and we have been working on the letter formation of ‘e’. In Numeracy we are practising our counting up to 20 and tracing as well as writing numbers up to 15. PE for this term is Dance and we have been learning some great moves! We are focusing on body coordination, moving to rhythm and creative expression. In Topic we have explored the Seasons further and looked at what happens and what we might see. Next week we will be starting our Topic of ‘Traditional Stories’ until the rest of the term and our first tale will be Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


In Numercay this week we have been focusing on number operations suchlike as addition and subtraction, some of us have been looking at multiplication. In Literacy we have been looking at spelling patterns with /sh/ and /g/ as well as talking and writing about our personal experiences and clothes. For Science we became material detectives and have explored concepts such as man-made and natural materials, and we have looked at the materials used to make toys. For our Topic, Weather Experts, we have been generating questions around weather conditions and we have been looking at maps to understand how different parts of the world have different climates. We have also been trying to understand the difference between cities and countries. We have also been finishing off our artwork, and we finished watching the film Matilda, to help us with our drama and our class book!



In English this week we have continued to work with the character Bradley from our class novel, working on understanding how our concept of this character changes throughout the book. We also did some benchmark testing with Cambridge exams, which meant a very focused Tuesday afternoon!


We have continued doing Algebra: Simplifying Expressions at Level 1; Expanding Brackets at Level 2; Level 3 has done some testing on the 1st & 2nd Chapter and reinforced the knowledge


We have done Chapter 1.6 about Air Resistance. Now we know what happens when we jump off a plane with a parachute, when forces are unbalanced there is acceleration and when the forces are balanced then it reaches a terminal velocity.

Now they are going to do the experimenting: Building little parachutes and checking that the time it takes to fall depends on the area...So, the pupils should be looking for material to build the parachute: plastic bags, threads...Then they have to make a video to show the class. The best Video and the Best Parachute are going to be chosen.


We have finished Chapter 1 about States of Matter. For Wednesday they have to finish the Review 1.9. and I will randomly check on their notebooks. They have a guide that says what they need to have to be tested (after we do Chapter 2) and also I gave them a Key Words Sheet with the important concepts to be learned.


As they are doing the testing on Monday of the Chapter 1 “Plants” and Chapter 2 “Humans” we have been correcting the Review 2.7. And the Workbook 2.5.on Working in Healthcare. They have again a Key Words Sheet with the important concepts to be learned and a Guide what is supposed to be tested. And again I will randomly check on their Notebooks...So, not really Homework, only Updating!

History It is still the year 1066…Harold defeated the Vikings in the battle of Stamford Bridge. However, there is no time to rest after the victory. William of Normandy has landed England and he is itching for a combat. Who is going to be the victor? We analysed and compared Harold’s army to William’s army and argued about their weakness and their strengths. At the end, we played kahoot! Who knows more about these armies? Geography Earth has been changing ever since it formed, and it is still changing. Because of natural processes and human activity. However, in the present days human impact is affecting Earth landscape and species on an alarming rate. We learned about endangered species, pollution, deforestation and poaching. Paying special attention to global warming. A set of before and after images of the Earth’s landscape make it impossible to deny climate change. Are we still on time to combat it? We listened to this girl’s speech:

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