This week, lots of us were feeling a little under the weather with a cold. We missed Katie, Julien, Noa, Diego and even Dionne and Ronita throughout the week on various days. However, this didn't stop us from having a lovely week. This week in English, we learnt about Goldilocks; we wrote invitations for a teddy bears' picnic for next Friday and thought and wrote about what each character might say. In Maths, we have been learning to say one more and one less than a given amount. We used conkers from the playground to help us. We ordered numbers from 1 - 10 and some of us focused on our counting skills. In the afternoons, we learnt about minibeasts; we played pairs, hide the minibeast

Life in Ancient Greece

Another exciting week at school where the children continued their number work, learning or consolidating their knowledge of numbers. We played a number of games where the children had to recognise numbers, learn the formation of numbers and use vocabulary such as 'more than', 'less than', 'fewer' etc. Jordi very kindly brought us some conkers from his home because he knew we were waiting for the ones at Can Lletres to fall from the tree to use in our work at school! Thank you Jordi! In English, we continued learning about the Gingerbread Man and made wanted posters to help us to catch the sly fox! Some of us were able to write sentences to describe the fox, whilst others used their speaking

Welcome to the new school

What a fantastic first week at school we have all had! We were all excited to see the new school and start the new academic year. Throughout the week, we have been learning phonics; for some of us, this is new learning so the more experienced children have been helping out. We have been learning about our local area and discussing the things we might see and next week we will go for a walk to find out about the area. In English, we have been learning about fairy tales; listening to a number of familiar stories, retelling them in our own words, sequencing the story and writing about our favourite parts. In Maths, we have been learning to count forwards and backwards up to 10. We played a game

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