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Cosmocaixa trip


This week we have been using our Traditional Tale, 'Goldilocks and Three Bears’ to encompass not only literacy but numeracy too. We have been story sequencing and ordering our numbers as well as looking at number formation, all with this theme. The children were so looking forward to presenting the story to all at the Project Presentation and were very pleased with their performances!


This week the highlight was our trip to CosmoCaixa, where we did a workshop on forces and visited an exhibit about robots. There was one called Felix who followed us around. In the workshop we learned about different forces that make toys work, and we also looked at ways of making electricity and that not all materials a conductors of electricity. Neither are all forms of energy sustainable. Petrol, for example, is not sustainable as one day we will run out of it. In our lessons this week we have mainly concentrated on preparing our presentations, but we have also enjoyed preparing the play (we are beginning to learn our words) and writing our diaries as usual. In Mathematics this week, we started preparation for an upcoming progression test in mathematics for Year 3 and 4 students. While this test will provide an indication of student´s progression, by no means is it an ultimate assessment. Year 1 and 2 students continued their work on number operations and started talking about shapes.