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Planting our new vegetable garden

In Early Years we have been working hard on our fine motor skills with line control and cutting activities. We listened about the tortoise story for emotional intelligence and we have been developing our life skills in role play and outdoor activities. We have been planting and watering everyday and have enjoyed free-painting and balancing skills in PE in the garden.

In Year 1 & 2 we have been looking at stories by Judith Kerr, in particularly The Tiger Who Came to Tea. On Wednesday we enjoyed planting cauliflower, lettuce and parsely. We measured our plants at the tallest point using CM rulers. Next week we will check if they have grown at all - if it doesn’t rain much we must remember to water them! In Numeracy we have been revising concepts last year and consolidating mathematical vocabulary such as less than/more than and partitioning. We started thinking about the Winter show with Alvert - some of us will have lines to learn this year!

In Year 3 & 4 we have been working on learning a little bit more about Ancient Egypt and European countries, their names and capital cities. We also planted our vegetables outside and are continuing to monitor their growth. In English we’ve started reading a Andy Stanton book, Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire. Next week, we will continue will all of these things as well as delve deeper into our science topic, Living Things!

In Secondary we had a fantastic week, holding Auditions for the Christmas Play. Pushing ahead with Volcanoes and Techtonic Plates and the significance of the Mariana Trench. Looking at the Sun and the affect its having on Bad weather, and the Winter thats coming sooner than most people expects. The students planted a variety of plants and will be monitoring the growth, rate, etc .The coming weeks will be even more exciting for them.

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