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Easter Week

This week the older children gathered more information about the end of year trip to Vall de Nuria for the parents. Well done for their efforts in Friday's presentation. We took advantage of the beginning of Spring by moving several of our Maths lessons outside in the garden, where we consolidated our knowledge of area and perimeter in Geometry. In PE, we used the sports centre to great effect by playing a fast paced game involving flipping cones over on the court. We also strengthened our upper bodies by travelling on our hands and feet before attempting to toss paper balls into hoops. Finally, let me congratulate all the children for supporting each other in our immensely enjoyable Easter Egg hunt on Friday. In Maths, the children have been learning how to multiply by two. They have been doubling, reading the number sentence, using their fingers and using concrete resources to help them to get to grips with multiplying by two. They have also continued to practise division by sharing which they are getting very good at. Our topic this week was Easter so we decorated Easter egg pictures, talked about symmetry, talked about Easter around the world and wrote about what we do at Easter. There are many different ways we celebrate Easter so it was interesting to learn all about them! In Phonics, we have been consolidating our knowledge of phase 3 and 4 sounds ready to begin phase 5 after the holidays! Some of our youngest children even begun phase 3 sounds this week!

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