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Consonants clusters

This week, we have been continuing our work with consonant clusters, for example words ending with two consonants. The children sometimes find it difficult to hear both consonants but we are working hard and are starting to hear and write them both. Example words are: kept, left, jump We’ve finally finished writing all of our information about ants and will make a class book for everyone to read! In Maths, we have been exploring 2d shapes and have begun to plot and draw some simple polygons such as rectangles, squares and triangles. It’s important we know how many sides and vertices each have and the differences between them in order to draw them. On Thursday, we spent a day at the farm! We met two kids (baby goats) and Bambi, the baby donkey! We even spent time on the beach hunting for shells and rocks! It was a lovely day and we didn’t want to go home! The older children began the week by watching the fascinating documentary Blue Planet, which looked at a range of rare underwater animals living at the very depths of the oceans. We used this as a stimulus for our Presentation of Projects by creating PowerPoint presentations about various creatures living under the sea. In preparation for our trip to the Maritime Museum, we researched information about the doomed ship Titanic. For maths, we used our knowledge of ratio to determine the proportion of survivors and deaths from each class on the ship, as well as that of the crew. We also used our ratio skills to plan how to cook enough Apple Crumble for all the children in the school. Everybody did a fantastic job at making three delicious Apple Crumbles on Wednesday.

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