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Some poetry

This week in English, the children continued their learning about instructions. They learnt how to be 'bossy' in order to use 'bossy' (imperative) verbs such as go, put, say, cut etc. which tell people what to do. This culminated in a sandwich making lesson where children had to use these verbs to explain to me how to make a sandwich before carrying out their instructions and making their own sandwiches! After this, they wrote down their instructions in their writing books using their phonic knowledge learnt so far including tricky words. They really worked hard on this piece of work and it was a proud moment to see their completed written pieces.

In Maths, the year ones and twos continued learning about the value of numbers with regards to place value and used and drew dienes blocks to represent their numbers. The younger children focused on counting to 10 or 20 and recognising numbers.

The children have all planted a seed and are ready to watch it grow and write about the progress of their plant! We have been learning about what plants need to grow and also about the different parts of a flowering plant.

The older children began learning about Poetry in Literacy. We created our own cute/scary monsters and started to plan narrative poems about them, using poetic techniques such as alliteration and similes.

In Numeracy, we started our topic on length and perimeter, focusing on solving lengths of different sides of shapes using the given lengths of other sides in those shapes.

The class were super excited to learn about Antarctica! We watched some fascinating documentaries about life in extremely cold weather, made polar bear pictures using plastic bags to replicate ice bergs, and began planning PowerPoint presentations to depict various areas of interest regarding the Antarctic.

On another note, please could you encourage all the children to familiarise themselves with the songs for the upcoming Christmas performance in December. Your support with this will be hugely appreciated.

At the end of the week, we said farewell to Elena, whose support and care for the children will be sadly missed. We wish you all the best in the future and hope to see you again one day. Finally, let me personally thank all the staff, parents and students for all the well wishes and gifts for my Birthday. It was a truly special day.

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