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This week, we celebrated Halloween! Prior to the day, we made decorations and hung them in the classroom ready for our big celebration. On the day, we baked biscuits and decorated them including Halloween shapes and witches' fingers! We had so much fun making and then eating them and all the older children were really helpful supporting the younger children; big thank you to them all! Later that day, we headed to the swimming pool for our weekly lesson where we discovered that the changing room corridor had been transformed into a spooky Halloween scene! The afternoon involved lots of fun Halloween games including pin the bone on the skeleton and wink murder. We also welcomed a new addition to the school this week; welcome Emmy from England! She has been helping out with the younger children and they have already formed a good bond. In Maths, we have been looking at 2d and 3d shapes and we will continue this learning next week. With the older children, we used dienes blocks to talk about place value (e.g 16 is 10 and 6). The older children in Key Stage 2 and 3 have been reviewing their long division strategies to solve problems. Earlier in the week we were creating spider webs using paper and spiders made from pipe cleaners, as well as 3D pumpkins to decorate our classroom for Hallowe'en. We also began our Geography topic and together we discussed what types of things we would like to learn about in the topic, such as how people live in countries with extreme weather conditions.

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