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Presentation of Projects October

It's been another lovely week with lots of exciting activities. In English, we continued rehearsing for our presentation using Talk for Writing techniques. In Phonics we have been learning a number of tricky words. A tricky word is a word that you can't sound out so unfortunately, you just have to remember it! We have practised reading and writing them, played tricky word bingo and completed word searches to help us. At home, please help us to learn the following words:

I Go Into To The Be We She He

In Maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract using a variety of methods including concrete resources, pictorial representations (e.g. Crossing out to subtract) and counting forwards and backwards. We still need to practise this to ensure our methods give us the correct answer in the quickest time.

We performed brilliantly in the presentation on Friday and did our parents and teachers proud! We can't wait to share our learning with you again next month!

In our Key Stage 2/3 group we worked hard to complete our Greek Myths Newspaper Reports, using laptops to type up our final drafts as well as adding a headline and pictures.

In Maths we did some very challenging work, focusing on square numbers and cube numbers, as well as square root and cube root. Despite the difficulty and concentration required for this, the children definitely enjoyed the challenge of solving their various Maths problems.

We rounded off our Science unit by creating Food Webs, which studies how different animals rely on other animals and organisms for survival. I was so impressed by the teamwork the students displayed in completing these!

In PE we focused on Basketball, mainly passing, ball control and dribbling. The students had a lot of fun playing a game of tag while simultaneously trying to bounce their basketballs.

We have recently been playing Kahoot! in class to revise previous learning. The children in the class have been loving it. Feel free to play along at home by visiting the website

Finally, let me also congratulate all the children on their fantastic performances at the end of month presentations to parents. The result of many weeks of hard work and enjoyable learning!

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