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Word cards game

Class 1 started the day with word cards game, then picked up some big lettuces. After breakfast we went to feed the animals an spent a lot of time petting our beautiful Perla !

An after cooking butter shortbreads, we've drawn ourselves on paper which was really fun to do and see ;) Another amazing day with the awesome Saturday group !!!

The second class revised food vocabulary and wrote a shopping list of items that they would buy on a Dailey food shop. And then they popped the items in heir shopping trollies. We spent a nice long time in the garden, watering the vegetables and we picked a nice crispy green lettuce! We noticed some lovely red ripe strawberries so we all picked one and had a taste! So tasty!

Class 3 were looking at writing key features about themselves, for example their favourite music, hobbies and subjects. They did really well, and it was nice to watch them learn how to write their favourite things in English! They also played a game which they really love, where they put a card of an object, an animal or a particular profession on their head, and ask yes or no questions to figure out what they were! I'm noticing that they're absorbing lots of vocabulary through this game, and they have a lot of fun in the process! In the kitchen, we made some healthy and tasty humous, which they have done before. They seemed to enjoy it even more this time, especially as we had a discussion about the taste and tried to recount all of the ingredients!

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