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Collecting lettuces

Today, the sun finally came out and we had a great time in the garden with Alex, Maria, Nicasi and Marc! We were digging the earth in order to make space for the onions to grow, we also picked huge lettuces for everyone to take home and have for dinner! We cooked tomato bread today with olive oil, Alex enjoyed eating the tomato sauce before it was even on his dough! In our crafts activity, we were focusing on self-portrait and what we look like and what features on our face are called. Nicasi colored his whole face and body in blue! He was very imaginative with the color of his skin!

In Gabby and Rory's group, we focused on emotions! While the students were familiar with some basic emotions, they learned many new ways of describing feelings in English. They also formed their own mini theatre groups and created stories around different emotions. They were very inventive in what they produced! After, the group visited the farm and picked some fresh lettuces. A new student was particularly excited to collect a fresh egg from a hen, the egg was still warm much to her amazement!

In Jo's Group, we were revising simple 2d shape names and identifying everyday objects into shape categories! They all did a good job of remembering square, triangle, circle and rectangle! We picked a nice crispy lettuce from the garden and did a spot of watering, then we went down to the fruit trees to see what was starting to grow! We found plums, peaches and lemons, but they weren't quite ready to pick! Then we fed Perla some loose lettuce leaves and then we sat in a circle and everyone had a cuddle off bonnie the lovely little bunny!

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