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Easter camp

The oldest class of the week had a busy time crafting, singing, and exploring all corners of the farm. On Monday, we began with a song to introduce ourselves and become familiar with eachothers names. The team were a little shy at first but soon their characters started to shine and their friendships grew! We carried on singing the song throughout the week, and once they knew all of the words, they worked on their own dance moves! In the classroom, Everybody made a British passport, they all worked hard to fill in information about themselves (including a personal description!), Jauma was really enthusiastic to write well and learn new words to describe himself. Following on from this we all created some ' all about me' bunting, to decorate the class with and learn more about one another. The children were extremely excited in our first visit to see the animals, and treated them love. Roc, in particular, gave the dogs a lot of affection, and never wanted to leave! On Tuesday, when the class first arrived, they crafted an Easter box, filled with a bird nest and a decorative bunny. Nuria put all of her focus into it, and tried her best consistently to ask her questions in English. In the garden, the children were thrilled to plant parsely in their own plant pots to take home. We followed on by a listening game, where those of all different categories (i.e all the people with blue eyes), had to hop/skip/jump to each vegetable, it was great to see them recognise which plant was which! Then, before visiting the animals, the team went on a sensory hunt around the garden to find objects and nature of different textures; things that made different sounds and noted all of the different shapes and sizes that they found. In the last part of the day, everybody made bread, and were challenged to try and create the best bunny shape that they could! Aline did a wonderful job; the outcome was very cute! On the third day, we begun with a challenging crossword all about Easter, to see if the children understood all of the the related terms in English. Max was really fantastic in this activity, and helped the class to understand some of the meanings. Next up, the children made their own Easter cards, complete with a sweet little seasonal note to mum and dad. After breakfast, the group were all so excited for their second visit to the animals, I wanted to check that they knew all of the names, not only for those on the farm, but for also domestic, wild and sea creatures! The children had to listen out for description and call out the correct animal. Tatiana was often first to answer in this activity; showing off all of her vocabulary! Last of all in the day, the children each got very stuck into their own sewing project. And for most of them, in was their first experience. Despite the trickiness of the craft they all gave it their best shot. Alex really impressed me here, he finished first and willingly helped those that needed a bit more time. The last day! As the children arrived, they began finishing off any remaining artwork from throughout the week. They helped eachother to complete the tasks and when everything was done, they all looked beautiful! Afterwards, we played a game, where the children were each given a card and had to figure out whether they were an animal, object, verb... by asking yes/no questions. It was tough for some, but Tomas gave a very good attempt and quickly figured it out! After all of the usual garden and animal escapes, the children spent some calm time, writing what they had baked in the kitchen and picked/planted in the garden. Felipe really did a wonderful job with spelling the words, and remembering exactly what has happened throughout the week. Following on from this, they spent a little time writing about their favourite parts of their experience this week, including their favourite craft and tasty treat. It was lovely to sit together and remember all of the great things that we had done! In the final part of the Easter camp, all of my class came together to sit in the sun and create a 'Easter camp 2017' mural, where they each added their own artistic addition, and prododuced a colourful piece, fit for a while school photo, before saying goodbye for now!

Class 1: On Monday we welcomed our campers in the spirit of easter by making bunny ears! We introduced the school to the children by hopping around the farm as if we were rabbits. The children acted as animals as they explored further areas of the farm and collected an artichoke each. With the bunny themed day, we baked bread in the shape of a rabbit. The kids had fun creating their own version of a rabbit. On Tuesday, the class had a spring and nature themed day. They created floral headbands from picking flowers, leaves, sticks, and grass from all the gardens and farm area. A lot of the children enjoyed their first experience with planting crops in the garden as we planted parsley. The class learned to care for their plant and how much sunlight and water it needs each day. The group used cereal and created their own chocolate to make a crispy chocolate treat that resembled a nest with a chocolate egg inside! On Wednesday the class painted eggs and created a decorative wreath out of them. They also made rabbit pencil cups to take home to place all their school supplies. Each child make their own rabbit a different color and variation of design. They each tasted the green beans at the farm and picked the largest crops to take home. They baked chocolate filled bread with eggs, tasty! On Thursday we concluded class by designing our own rabbits in their nests with several eggs. They mastered planting their own crop pots when planting lettuce in the garden. The class concluded with a camp-wide treat hunt. They found all the brownies and got to take them home. Each of these days the class painted a beautiful Spring mural and practiced mixing colors and mastering their names. They visited the sheep and goats, by this they learned how to approach animals without fear and how to feed an animal correctly. They played with the chickens and rabbits practicing how to catch and hold them, learning how to treat animals with care and respect. They also were able to play with our new baby chicks, and discovered the growth and evolution of animals. The teachers were all very impressed with the class and how quick and willing they were to learn. The class learned a lot through crafts, gardening, and animal interaction. We hope you have an easter as great as this week!

Easter Camp in Class 2 welcomed some new faces. It was a pleasure meeting the lovely Adriana, Julia, Bruc, Biel Nozal, Ariadna, Sofia, Esther, Adria and of course some familiar faces: Alba, Jaime, Claudia, Berta, Marc, Lara and Biel Rivas! Always nice seeing you again. We all had a busy week of playing games, singing, baking and making some awesome Easter crafts! We all introduced ourselves to one another on day 1 and from there we became a team! Teacher Jo was very impressed how well everyone worked together, helped each other and listened to her instructions.

We had great fun planting and picking vegetables in the garden and getting to know all the animals on the farm, especially Perla who let them ride her everyday and Cookie our baby goat who loved getting cuddles from everyone.

In the classroom everyone was eager to participate in all of the crafty activities, even if they were a little difficult, they really gave it their all! They created sock rabbits, sewed Easter chicks, made easter egg decorations, pine cone bunnies, and Easter cards! They all did brilliantly and asked for help when they needed it.

The last day we made delicious chocolate egg brownies. Then all the teachers went on a secret mission to hide them around the farm for everyone to find later. Class 3 did an amazing job of helping the little classes to find the treats. We hope you enjoyed it. Maybe we will see you for the summer! Happy holidays! :)

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