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Happy Tuesday! Today class one got viscous and made dragons! Their parents were on hand to her the children be creative and design their own fire breathing dragon. They made all sorts! Nice, vicious, cute, etc. In the garden they collected Spinach were taught how to use gardening equipment properly and their purpose, like hand shovels, rakes, and watering cans. They visited all the animals and baked orange muffins. Biel was a chef today and poured the muffins for he entire class! Class 2 welcomed back Banu with open arms as she had been away and they missed her so much! They were learning how to identify colours names and then had to colour in a worksheet with the correct colour! Banu, and Emma were helping everyone to read them! Helpful girls! In the kitchen we rustled up some lovely orange muffins. All of the girls did a great job at sharing the mixture into the baking tin. They turned out yummy! Class 3 looked at spring, they made a chick or lamb mask and worked through a text talking all about the things that change in spring! Pau was great at understanding and thinking of examples and Jan is really improving at pronouncing English words. In the kitchen they made delicious cinnamon and apple muffins, Cata was like a sous chef!

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