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Spring clothes

On Saturday morning the first group learned about the names of clothing. They focused on spring and summer clothes. They had coloring pages for them and also worked on the names of colors they were using. They planted onion and discussed the sense of smell since the crop smelled strongly of onion. They took the last batch of cauliflower and visited animals. They finished up by making some bread.

The second group went on nature walk and talked about what they could smell, see and hear. Then they made a nature flower crown, they foraged around the farm for leaves sticks and flowers to create it.

The third group learned the name of clothing, by designing and labelling various things to create a colourful washing line. Then played a verbal game about what everyone in the class was wearing/seeing who could describe. They went for a hunt in teams of three around the garden to find different clothing that was hidden. They had to create a sentence for example the trousers are in the tree.

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