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Pancake week

Hello! Here is the blog entry, let me know if it needs any adjustments. Pancake Week continues! Class 1 started the day off with learning how to properly water the crops in the vegetable garden. Each student was given a watering can and watered their own set of crops. They then collected huge crops of cauliflower! In the classroom the students learned a lot about ingredients and their quantity, they followed by making their own pancakes. Class 2 celebrated pancake day as well by cooking pancakes to eat, and crafting pancakes with paper plates to take home. With their works of art, they held a pancake flipping contest and Jan won! Class 3 took an dive into the ocean. They discovered many types of creatures living there. The kids explored the garden and visited the farm animals while mimicking sea life! The kids acted as penguins, sharks, and turtles. The class learned new songs like "Twirl like a Dolphin" to fit in with the theme. In the kitchen the class was treated to making savory chocolate brownies as promised after last week's healthy cooking. Everyone got involved and displayed great team work in the kitchen.

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