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Class1 planted lettuces and collected cauliflower today.

We spent quite some times with the animals particularly our new little baby goat Cookie.

We cooked nice cookie and start eating them after we finished to craft clown masks.

Lucia our new little girl adapted really well and already learnt few words which is amazing ! Lovely day :)

Class2 concentrated on emotions today. The teacher would shot it a type of emotion and they had to act it out! Aran did really well with it.

They also told things that made them happy, sad, excited, angry etc etc :) Bianca described it all in English

The oldest class of the day carried on the theme of animals, but took a closer look by reading, feeling and talking about their different coats and body parts. Everybody then worked quietly to try and label all of the different body parts of various animals, as well as putting different animal images into categories, based on whether they have scales, furr or feathers! Aleix loved the feeling of the furr and also was so enthusiastic to organise them. After a going the usual farming; the team chopped different vegetables to make red pepper humous! Although the were sad about the lack of sugar at first, they were soon happy to be trying something new and munching carrots, too :)

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