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Funny faces

The first class has had a lovely day. They started the day with making collage of funny faces. Later on they visited the animals and rode Perla. They made sweet pizza for snack. After that they sang some songs out of classroom and played some games. One was memory, we had some flash cards and they had to find the same ones, for example two noses. Then they played fast reaction, the teacher said one parts of body and the student should take the card first. They played a game with was finding the colors in the nature.

The second class started the activities with labeling the human body, learning new vocabulary. Pointing to and say each part. They made silly face collage using different eyes, mouth and noses. Then they played a game using the images of the body and the face and when the teacher shouted the name of one of them they had to quickly get the image before anyone else. Àneu and Berta were really good at this. They picked some cauliflower from the garden.

The third class backed bread for the snack, picked cauliflower like the other groups, fed the donkey. They studied reptiles, mammals and birds, and looked at which animals went into which categories.

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