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Weather and different seasons

Today the first class started their lesson with a new theme which was weather and different seasons. They made very nice weather clock which showed different seasons and its weather. They backed cheese bread in the kitchen which was tasty. They planted lettuce in their own pots and took it home. They also had story time at the end of the lesson.

The second class had a different theme which was animals in the farm and the food that they produce. They matched the pictures of different animals with different kind of food that they produce and made a little booklet. They backed pizza as snack, they visited animals and they took one lettuce home as well. At the end they had a story time and they sang songs.

The third class are still working on the senses. They made a booklet which contained different parts of the body and the senses it has, they learnt new vocabularies. They backed cinnamon biscuits. They planted their own lettuces on their own pots and took it home.

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