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Under the sea theme

The youngsters of the day had a great time exploring an under the sea theme! They began by colouring pictures of different sea creatures (jellyfish octopus, turtles and more!) And shared their ideas of what colours these animals normally are. They then had a sensory feeling session, where they rummaged through various shells, sand and wood from the beach. Lastly, in the classroom, the children then crafted their shells into colourful, googly eyed turles and crabs. Good work kids! Our middle class teacher, Jo, was visited by a lovely class from a local church. They all had a wonderful time collecting spinache from the garden, cooking up some tasty bread in the kitchen, and then giving the animals some love and food before they headed home! Today class 3 all went on a hunt around the farm together, to identify different tree types and their unique trunks, branches and leaves, and then strike it off their lists once they recognised these! Emma participated well and spoke in clear English as she observed the trees. All the kids were also well engaged as they worked through a worksheet and proved they understand how a plant grows after 3 weeks of focusing on this topic!

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