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Different parts of plants

Today was a sunny day!

Class 1 continued with winter theme, they learned a lot about winter clothes like Hat, scarf, mittens… they made very nice hats and mittens with wool cotton. They made sweet pizza dough in the kitchen and everybody was great at it.

Class 2 learned more vocabularies about winter clothes. They made a snowman as a craft. They backed jam tart and enjoyed it a lot. They were all really good in garden and picked three potatoes each. Carla, Berta and Txell were really good with animals and the fed chickens and donkies.

In class 3 everyone participated well as they wondered around the garden, seeing what they could notice. Everybody enjoyed learning a new song about the functions of the different parts of plants. Paula was super speedy to complete all tasks, and Alan was totally on the ball. He worked hard to write the right definition at the end of lesson as they recapped new words they had learnt.

Such a great day for everybody I think. See you all soon.

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