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Golden Stars

Class 1 picked kicked, stroked rabbits, fed chickens, shouted at the sheep, wrote the words "elf" and "Christmas" and rehearsed our award winning performance. Nicasi and Xenia really impressed the teacher with their speaking today. Quim and Alex made the best golden stars. Leeks, Christmas cards, pizza dough and animals for class 2. Bianca was great at rehearsing the performance. Jan and Marc made the most Christmassy christmas cards. Maria was star baker. And last but certainly not least Mar was a great a dancer, blinding everyone with her festive dance moves on stage. Today class 3 worked on their pronounciation for the christmas show; Cata is really flourishing as Christmas star of the show, leading the class with actions and words! Pau was a superstar baker, his cinnamon Christmas men came out of the oven looking perfect and everyone agreed that it officially smelt a lot like Christmas!

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