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Nature bracelets

We had a lovely day with our Saturday squad at Casa Nostra... Today class 1 involved a lot of glitter, dancing and reading. 3 wonderful things, if you ask me! The littluns also created their own leaf bunting, which makes beautiful decoration for the classroom; Sophia and Lluc were especially artistic during this activity. Arnau was also very impressive today, his English more astounding each week, and not to mention his singing! Sharing with us the lyrics to "Jingle bells", he's sure to be a fluent christmas vocalist by December. As the class roamed the garden, Lila loved seeing the different colour grape leaves, they are so pretty! And little Toni plucked himelf an even prettier red rose! Such natural beauty around us! In class 2, everybody collected flowers, leaves and twigs from around the farm to use for their nature bracelets! As they scavenged, Txell took extra care to keep her colour scheme; by using all the pink flowers and petals, which's her favourite colour. Following on with the natural theme, everyone did their best in the baking class to make leaf shaped shortbread biscuits. They really did look delicious! And just before heading home, everyone had good fun at they sang head, shoulders knees and toes. In the oldest class, everyone had a good attempt with guessing the word during the game of 'hangman', which proved challenging to distinguish similar sounding letters from Spanish to English - such I 'I' and 'E'. Alan took to the board and thought of his own word for the others to guess. And with the continued theme of owls for this week, the children read an interesting text all about owls and their nocturnal ways. Pau read this very well, with a good flow and little hesistation! In the kitchen, the team made yummy owl shaped shortbread, which Laura made a focused attempt to follow the pattern neatly. And lastly, amongst the animals, the whole class worked together in herding the rogue sheep back into their home. Good work everyone!

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