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Mushrooms and lemons

The beauty of fruit and vegetable month is that we really get to explore the Casa Nostra farm. Seeing, touching and tasting all the beautiful fruits and vegetables we grow around us. Class 1 explored the farm with their fruit and vegetable check list, crossing off the things they saw on the farm as we explored. Eric and his Mum found mushrooms and Jan found lemons. But Aran and Gina were top of the class crossing everything off on their list first. Then everyone made pizza and sang songs. Class 2 continued learning their favourite book "The Hungry Caterpillar" - writing all the things he eats to turn into a beautiful butterfly. Paula was shy at first but when she spoke up she learnt lots of new words. Aran was also a class star today. The day ended making choc chip cookies and learning the rhyme "Yummy yummy in our tummy". Class 3 solved veggie and fruit riddles - Cata was a superstar at this. The class observed all the trees on the farm and Teacher Egle told us that Hugo was really good at spotting and naming the trees. Jan discovered blackberries and saved everyone on the farm from the wild goat.

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