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Planting swiss chard

We started the first day of the week with a good weather and so much nice outdoor activities in Casa Nostra.

Let’s start with the first group, as a warm up activity they matched vegetables and fruits with the correct color of them. They did some color in activity with the same theme. They went to animals and fed chickens, donkeys, ponies and goats. They planted English greens and they made flapjacks for snack.

The second group started their class with a worksheet activity all they had to do was sorting the fruits and vegetables and put them in the correct basket. They visited animals and although they didn’t collect any eggs they almost all rode our nice donkey “Perla”. In the vegetable garden they planted English greens. They read the hungry caterpillar book and later made their own caterpillar hungry books. In the kitchen they made pizza.

The third group continued with learning new words about vegetables and fruits. They had a nice visit down to animals and they rode Perla. They had colored in activity. They sang vegetable song and they really enjoyed it. They made pizza for snack and they planted swiss chard in the vegetable garden.

We had a nice day today and can’t wait for the rest of the week.

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