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Hazelnut tree

One by one our Casa Nostra kids came back for more body talk and farm play!

Class one focused on progressing with their human body vocabulary which they should all know perfectly by the end of the week!

They also managed to pin down their teacher Antonia and she kindly let them

draw around her to get an outline of a body and then they created a unique body collage from it! In the afternoon they read a beautiful little poem called 'All Of Me' and read an interesting book from Ted Arnold named 'Parts' which they all thoroughly enjoyed!

Later they were took on a special mission to the top of the farm where we have hazelnut, pear and plum trees. They hunted down all the hazelnuts they could fit in their little pockets and got to see the pears and plums still growing on the trees!

Class two started with some word and picture matching vocabulary worksheets on parts of the body. They also learnt the word skeleton today and then created their own by cutting out bones and sticking them together in the right place!

Still bursting with energy in the afternoon, everyone in the class got up and moved to the song 'heads shoulders, knees and toes', and they all sang their hearts out. At snack time Kirsty our cook used the hazelnuts that class one had collected to make a special birthday cake for Miguel who turned 7 today! It was delicious! Happy birthday Miguel!

Class three were given the vocabulary list for their spelling test which they can revise for! Good luck! They also created their own human body words searches using the new vocabulary they have learnt.

At the end of the day they had a good splash around in the pool and finished with a yummy chocolate cupcake they had rustled up during the baking class.

More learning to be had tomorrow, so get an early night!

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