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Pan Flutes

Casa nostra has been blessed with another beautiful sunny day as we continued learning all about music...

The Class 1 kicked off by doing some colouring in activities and reading their favourite book called "Music Music Everywhere". They then played a game called match the instrument which loved. In the afternoon the little ones have been painting and colouring in musical notes which then were stuck on the giant board to make a happy song.

Class 2 started the day with colouring in activities and learned a word "drum". They also have been busy making pan flutes out of colourful plastic tubes which turned out fantastic and the children were able to perform their own tunes and show off to the rest of the class.

Class 3 have been learning all about different music genres today. They were sharing their tastes in different types of music and playing musical games where they had to guess which genre belonged to which song. They also have been filing the gaps in lyrics and improved their listening and vocabulary skills.

In the afternoon all groups made delicious brownies and shared their fun and laughter-filled day with each other. The day flew by so fast and we are already looking forward to all the fun that tomorrow will bring.... See you then, stay tuned! :)

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