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Homemade instruments

Morning has broken on Granja Escola and our Casa Nostra pupils arrived back on the farm eager to learn more about anything and everything on music! Classes one and two did some of their best colouring in bopping and singing away with their favourite songs playing in the background. Class three started their day with their thinking caps on and did some musical word exercises to refresh what they had learnt yesterday! However today was all about hand-making your own instruments from recycled materials. The teachers and children had been collecting old boxes, tubs and tubes and started getting creative with them! Class one got inventive with wooden lolly pop sticks and made xylophones inspired by all the vibrant colours of the rainbow! They even used any left over sticks and old bottle tops to make a traditional style mallet so they could make some interesting sounds on their xylophones! Class two made maracas with plastic cups, rice and paper! They finished them off beautifully with a splash of colour then tested them out by dancing around the class, shaking them about! Class three had been focusing on the weird and wonderful instruments of the world and decided that they wanted to create the rainmaker stick from old cardboard tubes. It looks like they could be working as the clouds over Mataró have been looking a little moody today! In the afternoon everyone enjoyed baking the moreish Scottish shortbread but equally enjoyed eating them later! However it was a very special day for the lovely little Adriana in class two as she turned 5 today! So they also made a surprise birthday cake and everyone got into the musical spirit and sang a big happy birthday to her! At the end of the day all the children left with a big chocolatey smile on their faces! We are looking forward to more music mayhem tomorrow!

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