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Robot disco

It's a well kept secret, but everyone at Casa Nostra knows- that once a year the robots get together to dance. They bring their friends, spanners, bolts and buttons. They oil themselves up so they can dance without squeaking and best of all they invite all their friends from Casa Nostra English School to The Robot Disco. Class 1 prepared for the big robot disco by polishing up on their shiny new robot lingo. They impressed teachers Arianna and Antonia with all the robot shapes they learnt this week and how great their colouring in was. Their favourite books to read were "Robots Robots Everywhere" and "No-Bot the Robot". Class 2 prepared for the disco by showing their robot teacher Jo just how good they were at spelling and writing the names of the Robot shapes they had spent the week learning. Prize for the top speller goes to Isabel. Class 3 had a really robo-tastic day. Building a life size robot and using all their artistic skills to paint and design its robo look. Teacher Egle was really happy to see that Marc had bought in his own robot to show the class and everyone agreed it was a great way to end robot week. After everyone was ready and grinning with excitement for the Big Disco robots big and small got together to attend the metal dance, this took team-work, communication and most of all, lots of fun. Robot games were played such as musical robots, robo pass the parcel and every robots favourite game: Musical Chairs. Everyone ended the Robot Disco by shouting "we love robots" at the top of our lungs!

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