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Olympic week

This week at Casa Nostra our theme is Olympics. All the teachers were excited to get the week started in honor of the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil!

Class 1 started off the day learning olympic themed vocabulary such as rings, athlete, torch, medal, and Brazil. Later on in the day we read a wonderful theme inspired story, 'The Frog Olympics,' and ended our day with face painting, olympic style of course! We tried our best not to smudge it while we ate our delicious Sweet Pizza Dough.

Class 2 also began their day by introducing olympic themed vocabulary. Next, they created a beautiful collage of olympic ring art and soon after competed in a 3-legged race. After the race they all made medals to celebrate each and every one of them as a winner. To top off their day they made our famous Sweet Pizza Dough, but with a twist. They colored and shaped the dough to form the Olympic Rings! What a class!

Class 3 started off their day watching an educational video on olympic torches from previous years. This inspired them to make their own personal olympic torches. In the afternoon they participated in a few races and little Aleix surprised everyone by taking 1st place in almost every race. Good job Aleix!

Well that's all for today. Until tomorrow!

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