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Plants week

This week at Casa Nostra we are learning all about plants and having lots of fun doing so! Class 1 have been learning some key vocabulary (for example: seed, fruit, flower, vegetable) and have started to learn the classic children’s nursery rhyme, ‘Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow?’. Class 2 have also been joining in with the Casa Nostra sing-a-thon - they’ve been having a fabulous time learning, ‘Five little ducks went swimming one day’. Perhaps, we’ll be able to start a Casa Nostra school choir soon! Classes 2 and 3 both flexed their mighty brain muscles and searched for plant-themed words hidden in a tricky word maze. Class 3 then made a brilliant banner to decorate their classroom for plant week - it looks stunning!

All of the children enjoyed visiting the vegetable garden today and noticed six strange circles had appeared over the weekend… We are excited to see what seeds have been planted here and what they will look like when they grow. Lucy our cook, worked her usual magic transforming some of the vegetables we had picked in the garden this morning into a banquet fit for a king. The salad was delicious and the home-grown peaches went down a treat.

With it being so hot today, the children enjoyed a welcome and cooling splash in the swimming pools. It was super refreshing as well as fun.