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Scottish Shortbread

On the second day of the week, the little ones were issued their passports and travelled far and wide to China! On their arrival they took part in the local cultures and made lanterns and fire breathing Chinese dragons! Continuing with world flags from the day before, the middle children then had to match the right picture flag to the correct name which they then had to memorise and colour in! They also went wandering down to the vegetable garden and picked themselves some juicy tomatoes and gave the rest of the garden a good old drink. The older ones started the day with a tricky word search to find all the hidden countries within. Once they had found them all, their next task was assigning each country to the correct continent! They finished the day by making miniature world flags to take home. Today we made a slight adjustment to our biscuit recipe as the little master chef judges of the class one were not so keen on the taste! So! With a few sprinkles of chocolate chips and some sugar for good measure our traditional Scottish shortbread went down a treat. Not a crumb in sight...apart from around their happy little faces. Perla also did her rounds and gave everyone a nice ride around the pen, persuaded by her favourite 'sweets' of course. With everyone working so hard today there was plenty time for them to hang out in their favourite spots on the Granja Escola, bouncy bouncy on the trampoline, reading books in the library and swinging life away in the hammocks! Perfect end to the day. See you all tomorrow!

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