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Today was another hot and busy day at farm school full of animal themed fun!

The younger children enjoyed a spider themed day making model spiders out of plastercine and learned the words to ‘Incy Wincy Spider’. They had a wonderful time in the pool cooling off from today’s hot weather, and later on they enjoyed making panda masks and getting their faces painted as bears.

The middle children really got in the animal spirit and practised lots of animal words and matched animal pictures together. In the pool they had lots of fun with a cannon ball competition and David won the competition! Well done David!

The older children each chose an animal of the day, and wrote some facts about their animal using the information they learned in the first part of the week. They then let their creativeness run wild, with lots of sewing and sticking, they all created their own felt animals. They should all be very proud of themselves!

In the vegetable garden today lots of tomatoes and onions were picked by the children to take home and they were a great help watering all the vegetables to help them grow.

In the afternoon baking competition, after a few weeks perfecting their technique, the older children finally won by baking the most scrumptious flapjacks. And at the end of the day every one shared their flapjacks and they were all delicious!

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