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Red Tomatoes

We were thrilled to start farm school off by seeking out the new red tomatoes that were growing. We picked some of the reddest looking tomatoes to take back to the kitchen. The younger group dug up some potatoes, they were trying to collect as many as they could. They set about watering all the rows of fruits and vegetables, making sure that all the plants. Then the group went to see the animals. Adria collected all the eggs on his own, while Jordi made sure that the donkeys and ponies were fed well.

The older group, had quickly made their way to the kitchen to make their empanadas, Aina added the flour while Guillem added the oil. The children all took turns to knead the dough. All the children chose different fillings of chocolate and some with cheese and onion. After they made their lovely treats that older group headed off to the garden to collect some more potatoes and the group found some delicious peaches. The older group made sure that that the courgettes and the beans were watered. Once The group had completed the time in the garden, they went to see the animals to give them some food. Marc and Aleix patted the sheep and the goats while they were eating.

When the older children finished visiting the sheep and goats, they went to the classroom to complete a quiz to interview each other and ask questions in English. They did very well in interviewing each other. The group went on to creating small books about themselves. The younger group set off to the kitchen at this point to create their fantastic chocolate and vanilla biscuits.

After the younger group had completed their biscuits they made their puppet robots. Jan did an amazing robot that he coloured very well and he concentrated on adding detail Nils robot looked fantastic too.

The older children as well the younger group went to get their fabulous treats and receive their hard earned diplomas to show that they had completed their year at farm school, successfully. Well done to the new graduates.

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