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One fish, two fish

Today the older group of children began the day by playing with the baby chicks and by feeding Perla and Valentin. They got to ride Perla one by one and she behaved very good and everyone was impressed. Then we went to visit the sheep and goats. We managed to take Floquet and put him in the smaller pen so we could play with him without being disturbed by the sheep and Blanket. We carefully fed the goats while Siobhan grabbed Floquet. After the goats we went to the vegetable garden to plant some more melons. Alex did a great job by carefully planting the fragile melon shoots. The group of younger children began by watering the vegetables and they also planted melons. They continued by visiting the animals and some of them got to ride Perla as well. After a while we got all together and ate our breakfast. While the group of older children went in the kitchen to cook vanilla cupcakes the younger children went to read Dr. Seuss' "One fish, two fish" and Mae was really excited and did a great job in doing the activity with the colorful fish using handprints.

While waiting for the cupcakes to bake the older group went to continue with more activities in the school room. Today they all designed the masks for their own superheroes and they did some writing by listing the superpowers that their heroes posses. The younger group of children cooked some delicious chocolate muffins as well and we finished our activities by enjoying our snack.

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