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Japanese bun

The group of older children looked at the theme of ‘different or being different’ today, we began our day with visiting the animals, we fed Perla and Perla let us travel on her back. All the older children in the group practised their balance in the saddle towards the end.

After we fed the hungry goats and sheep, we went to the vegetable garden to water the vegetables. We decided that Perla deserved a treat, so we gave her a little bit of spinach.

Next, we decided that it was time to cook a Japanese bun. We cooked two small pancakes each and used melted chocolate between the two cakes. It was delicious. We ate these straight away while the chocolate was still warm.

When we made all the cakes we headed off to the school room to read the story about the box of crayons that were all different colours but they fought and argued that they didn’t like each other only to discover that they were a good team together after all. We took turns to read. Joana and Cata did very well in breaking down the sounds and reading. All of us thought that we behave like the crayons from time to time.

After we all read the story we played a friendship game where we had to identify what was positive and negative friendship behaviour and then we decided to draw some examples and write what was happening in the pictures. All the time we used our very different talents to help each other out.

Today on the farm our young ones had lots of fun! The garden was in need of lots of water so we filled watering cans and took turns watering the plants. After watering the plants and harvesting some strawberries, we went to the classroom to make bread from scratch. While we waited for our bread to bake, we went to visit the animals and fed the chickens. Then we jumped on the trampoline before finally eating our freshly cooked bread!

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