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Stunning landscapes

What a bright sunny St Jordi's day we had at farm school we first of all visited the animals and made sure that we collected enough weeds to feed Perla with. We then collected thirteen eggs. Aneu made sure we counted them all carefully. Then we visited the sheep and goats to feed them their favourite food.

Before we had our breakfast, we went to water the vegetable garden and collect some artichokes. Asier and Mae were brilliant at carefully cutting the stems of the artichoke with the knife.

During our breakfast, some of us were lucky to hear Maria play some of our favourite songs on the piano which has moved into the school room. We all gathered outside the school room to paint outdoors. We painted the landscape silhouette pictures with cutouts of black shapes in the pictures. We could see trees, houses and animals in the pictures. Luca and Txell painted some stunning landscapes. Txells one looked like the sea at sunset.

After the pictures were finished we all did some cooking, today we made some cheese straws with some yummy parmesan cheese. We carefully rolled out and twisted the dough into long thin shapes then added oregano and cheese to go on top. Some of us decided to be very helpful and helped Maria to shell some beans, it was quite relaxing and we practised using some of our English language skills to sing songs and explain.

Before hometime, Siobhan read us the story called ‘the magic hat.’ It was funny how the hat magically turned people into animals. After our story we tried out our yummy hot cheese straws.

Today at farm school we planted aubergines and we watered all the vegetables. We also went to check the peach trees and we learned about the parts of the flower trees. We also picked some weeds and fed Perla and Valentin. Alex brushed Valentin while Gina and David fed the hens. We collected the eggs and poured some water into the duck's pond because it was really dry from all the sunny days we've been having lately. We took some hay and went to feed Floquet and the sheep. We all noticed how much Floquet has grown and we tried to pick him up but he was heavier this time. After making sure that all the sheep and goats were fed we went and had our breakfast. After breakfast we made some chocolate cupcakes and while they were baking we went and chose a tree from the garden and we sat around it to draw it. We also drew the parts of the flower and learned about the way trees reproduce. So we tried to recall the parts that we learned before and drew them. We ended the day by enjoying the cupcakes and the delicious bread sticks that the youngsters shared with us.

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