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Cupcakes and ladybugs

Today was just another fun Saturday at the farm. The weather was wonderful. We started our activities by making peanut butter cupcakes and they turned out quite tasty. We also made some icing and decorated them. When they were ready we took them and went to continue with our constellation activities. We enjoyed eating them while talking about how fascinating space really is. Today we chose the Great Bear and the Little Bear and we used glitter and string to make them. We also splattered silver paint to make the night sky and we learned the latin names of these constellations. After letting our Bears dry in the sun we decided to go at the vegetable garden. We watered the vegetables and when we went to pick some spinach we saw a lot of ladybugs happily moving around the spinach leaves. One even stopped at Gina's hair and we all admired this tiny creature that protects plants from harmful insects. We also picked some artichokes and Gina picked a big head of lettuce. After the vegetable garden we enjoyed the sunny weather and played outside.

Our group of youngsters started the day in the garden where we harvested strawberries and watered the plants. After our time in the garden, we took the strawberries and used them in the kitchen to make homemade strawberry pancakes! While we waited for the pancakes to cook, we played on the trampoline and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather. We spent the rest of the day working on creating stars out of construction paper and enjoying our freshly baked pancakes!

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