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Constellations and football

What an exciting day we had here at the farm! Our day of activities began with feeding the animals and riding Perla. Alejandro and Guillem fed the hens while Aina, Marc, Sara and Judit persuaded Valentin into a separate pen so that they could have more space to ride Perla. After we made sure that all the animals were fed we went to water the vegetables. Guillem and Marc picked some strawberries which were super juicy and really yummy. Today we also planted some tomatoes, the scent of the tomato leaves on our hands was amazing and we can't wait to watch them grow in the following weeks. After making sure that all the vegetables were watered we returned eagerly to resume our craft activities. Today we spoke about constellations and we learned that a constellation is a group of stars that form a pattern that we can see from Earth. This pattern can be in the shape of an animal or mythological creature, and today we chose the Pegasus constellation and we used white string and silver colors to make it. We also made our own envelopes so that we can leave notes to one another at any time. After finishing our activity we went to the kitchen to make a chocolate cake, everyone was very happily involved. Unfortunately, we didn't get to taste it because the temperature was too high and the outside of the cake was cooked while the inside remained gooey, and we were engaged in a very serious game of football to notice. Luckily, the other group had plenty of their delicious vegan banana cake and they were generous enough to share it with us. And just in case you're wondering how the game went, Guillem scored two goals.

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