Chocolate chip shortbread

It was a nice return to farm school today, we had the best of weather while we planted a brand new row of peppers, Gina would have nearly planted all of them as she has now become clever at making sure that the roots are well covered with the soil. She can plant three in one minute. Joan was getting faster at planting his peppers too. We collected some beans from the bean patch. Again Gina had come to school prepared with her basket to collect as many beans as she could.

Jordi pulled up the biggest cauliflower, it took three people to carry it to the bench as it was very heavy. Cata and Jordi kindly removed the long leaves from the cauliflower to get it ready to give to Perla for her dinner.

We all made sure that every row of fruits and vegetable had enough water seeing as the soil was especially dry today.

After we fed the animals we enjoyed ten minutes of the sunny weather, outside. Then we got ready to try out our recipe for chocolate chip shortbread biscuits, everyone had a turn at making the mixture.

While waiting for the shortbread biscuits to cook, we learned about the four different saints, flowers and countries that represent each country of the British Isles (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) Each country has its own colour and flower emblem. Two of the special days for the saints had been already celebrated for Ireland and Wales this month. Banu’s information page was very clearly set out. The teachers were very pleased with Joanna for having a good go at writing the different country names.