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Easter eggs

Today was a lovely last day of Easter camp. The weather cooperated beautifully and we had a lot of sun! The children had ample time to run through the green grass and play with the various toys and games. We began the day by starting in the vegetable garden. We watered many vegetable plants including tomatoes, beans, and onions. The plants enjoyed the fresh water drink. After finishing the plants we headed to the animals. We found a few eggs, but not as many as most days. The chickens enjoyed being fed and played with. A few children wanted to ride the donkey and others were more interested in staying with the chickens. After the animals we had a quick breakfast snack and then some outside play time. The children jumped on the trampoline, played various games, and just enjoyed being outdoors. We then started craft time. We made beautiful mosaic Easter eggs out of colorful plastic that we glued together. They look absolutely beautiful when hung in a sunny window. We also colored and painted styrofoam eggs. Then we took some more time to play outside and also sung some songs with Siobhan. We sang "Alice the Camel" and "5 Little Ducks". Then we had a delicious lunch and dessert. After lunch we did a drama activity where some of the children acted as bunnies. We also made a delicious American snack called "s'mores" which is made with chocolate, marshmallow, and crackers. Then some children finished working on their friendship bracelets and others got their faces painted by Siobhan. We had little tigers, skeletons, and soldiers running around. We then said our goodbyes and looked back on our wonderful time at Easter camp. We're all looking forward to the next time!

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