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The back bridge

We had another eventful day at the farm school. We first of all watered the vegetables and fruit. Then we planted a row with the last onions. We spotted some bright red ladybirds hiding in the spinach. Sergi carefully examined the ladybird and watched it fly away home.

Whilst visiting the goats and sheep, we discovered that Floquet, loves to jump off high places so we tried to see if we could get Floquet to walk along our backs by creating a bridge we called it ‘the back bridge’. Floquet seemed to enjoy walking on Aleix’s back and he nearly walked the whole way across the bridge that we made for him. Floquet loves all this attention he’s getting.

To make the most of the sunny day we practised our gymnast skills and did some roly-polys and balancing, on the bar. Maria and Elsa were especially showing off their brilliant rolls and Judit too. Julia did some excellent practicing with Judit. It’s not as easy as it looks when you are learning.

Then later, we all went to the kitchen to make our ‘four seasons’ pizza, using red tomato sauce, green spinach, yellow sweetcorn and cheese as the topping to show all the different colours of the seasons. Jordi had made a great pizza. He is a brilliant pizza chef. Marc and Aina made some delicious looking pizzas as well.

After we made our pizzas, we did some season pictures in the school room and painted some amazing pictures to show what happens in each season. Sara drew and painted a superb painting of a horse. Theo knew and wrote the seasons very well.

When we completed our art work. Siobhan played the guitar, whilst everyone sang. For a treat to some children she allowed Aleix, Theo, Aina and Judit to strum the strings of the guitar whilst she played the chords but they had to be gentle and keep good time with the song. Siobhan thought they were very good music pupils and thinks maybe one day they’ll be playing the guitar instead of her.

Soon it was time to leave, so we decided to eat our tasty pizzas. We sat down on the sofa and listened to Judit reading the story called ‘Oliver’s vegetables’ which she read very well in front of a big audience we gave her a BIG round of applause at the end. Well done Judit!

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