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Paper planes

Today was a very busy and exciting day! We started the day off by peeling lots of garlic and placing the cloves in the basket! Once the children had peeled all the garlic, it was time to plant them. Txell and Aneu made some holes and then all the other children placed the garlic in the holes. They were ever so quick, especially Gerard! After, we went and collected some potatoes, there were some really big ones. The children used their hands to dig really deep. They found lots and lots of potatoes.

We then went and saw the animals. There were lots of eggs todays, Judit counted 21 eggs. She was really good at counting. Then we fed, brushed and stroked the animals. After we saw the animals it was time for breakfast. We had a picnic on the grass it was really nice.

Later, it was time to make some paper planes. The children were given different coloured paper and shown how to fold it to create a plane. We created 2 different planes to find out which one was the best and the fastest. We then went outside to have races, Aleix’s plane flew really fast. Some of the planes even went upside down.

When it stopped raining we went outside to play some games. We played ‘duck duck goose’ where the children enjoyed running around in a circle, racing the other person. We also played ‘here we go round the mulberry bush’, where the children had to weave in and out of the people standing in the circle.

To end the day, we sang lots of songs with the guitar. We sang ‘5 little speckled frogs’, ‘Jingle bells’ and ‘London Bridge’. The children were very good at singing and our starting to learn lots of words in English.

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