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Today was the last day of the winter camp and we had lots of fun. We started the day off by picking some spinach to eat and to give to the animals. We then collected the eggs there were 4 today! Also, the children rode Perla, Judit and Andrea had lots of fun riding her around the paddock. We went to say hello to the sheep and goats and gave them their breakfast. They were really hungry and ate the food really fast!

After, the children used clay to create many different animals. Txell and Aneu created a fish and some of the other children created Perla, Valentine, Violeta and Estrella. After we put them in the oven, it was time to paint. The children really enjoyed painting their animals, they looked really good.

We also had time to play outside in the sun. The children jumped on the trampoline, rode the scooters, bikes and go karts. Also many of the children climbed the castle, it’s such a nice view of the sea from up there.

This afternoon we made rockets out of water bottles and paper. Once we had made the rockets it was time to try and launch them. We placed vinegar and bicarbonate soda in them. We had to do lots of trials, adding different amounts of vinegar and bicarbonate soda. Even though we were unable to get them to launch we had lots of fun.


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